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Introducing our law firm

Areas of Practice


We have a large experience preparing individuals and companies taxes, identify potential tax credits.


Maintains payroll information by collecting, calculating, and entering data Determinepayroll liabilities.


A range of consulting services provided by Public Accountants and other financial advisers to businesses.

Accounting software

Easily track income, expenses, and more with features designed for new and growing businesses.

Our Story

aspas patricio Geldres home

I'm Patricio A Geldres. principal and founder Geldres-Harispe & Associates in 2006. We provide financial and tax planning services to small business including accounting reviews, bookkeeping, payroll, personal and business income tax services in the metropolitan area ( Maryland, Washington DC and Maryland) and other states ( California, Ohio, Delaware, Florida and Texas)

For years, Geldres-Harispe. has provided quality, personalized financial guidance to local individuals and businesses.

We are specialized in sectors that range from basic tax management and accounting services to more in-depth services, such as audits, financial statements and financial planning.

Geldres-Harispe This is located in the state of Maryland, but we serve customers from Washington DC and Virginia. we are committed to offering the best service by assigning our expertise, experience and team spirit to our employees, we ensure that each client receives the analysis and attention they deserve.


We provide financial information to our clients in a timely and accurate manner is a commitment that we feel cannot be compromised.

Entity selection

When you're getting started in business, it can be tempting to rush through to get to the good stuff. After all, you have your cool idea and your even cooler sounding name... Can't you just tack an LLC onto the end using one of those online services?

Cash Management

Directs cash management operations to include daily cash administration, management of current accounts and bank relations. 

Accounting software

Manage all your clients’ payments, make bank transfers, and mail checks for free. Super simple approval workflows and two-way sync

Law Consultation

Tax & Advisory Specialists

A range of consulting services provided by Public Accountants and other financial advisers to businesses and high net worth individuals who require specialized advice on capital formation, cash flow and wealth management.

Back tax returns were becoming due and overdue. I would not be able to cope with several years of back tax returns. 

Henrique A. Silva - CEO
B Innovation Marketing


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